Seychelles Company Incorporation

A Seychelles company incorporation could be the perfect option for your business if you are looking for an inexpensive way to run your operations offshore. There have been more than 30,000 companies registered in Seychelles since 1994, and there is a good reason for that. There are many benefits to operating in this region, and you could take in all of them if you incorporated here. You may want to understand some of the regulations in this area before you do that though, so here are a few of them that you can think about for the future.

Regional Information for Seychelles Company Incorporation

It is incredibly easy and fast to go through your Seychelles company incorporation here. Most companies can be formed within 3 hours, although some can take up to a full day to form. Nevertheless, those times are much lower than what you will find in other regions, making this the perfect option for companies in a hurry to incorporate. You can always invest in a shelf company if you want to reduce that time even further and gain from something that already has history. There are many shelf companies available for you to check out and potentially buy the rights to.

What you need to know for Seychelles Company Incorporation

The standard currency for Seychelles is the US dollar, but any currency is permitted in the area. The minimum paid up amount for share capital is only $1 US, and the area will usually authorize $5000 US for your Seychelles company incorporation. In Seychelles, you must have at least one director or manager, but he or she does not have to be local to Seychelles. The directors can conduct their meetings anywhere, as can the shareholders for the company. The minimum amount of shareholders that the company can have is on, and a company secretary is optional. He or she does not have to be local or qualified.

Tips on forming a Seychelles Company Incorporation

After your Seychelles company incorporation, you will not have to file an annual return, and you are allowed to change your domicile to another jurisdiction if you want to. You may find this area to be perfect for you though. Your company will not have to go through an audit on a regular basis, and it will not have to file accounts within the Seychelles area. This maximizes privacy and ensures that your company information stays safe. You can count on all of the wonders of this region to protect your company assets for the future.