Offshore Registrations

If you’re looking for a tax haven, such as in the Seychelles, offshore registrations offer that sort of level of availability and can give you access to a tax haven that’s easy to work with and has a low charge to get started.Whether you work with your own company, or look at working with a shelf company (already formed and available to buy from your broker company), you can usually get set up in a rapid amount of time – sometimes as little as one business day after cleared payment.

Legal Requirements for Offshore Registrations

While you’re often able to do this under UK legislation, make sure that you are also mindful of co-operating fully with anti-laundering, anti-tax evasion and anti-terrorism legislation.  While it’s tempting to try to sneak under the bar of the tax rules in the UK, it’s better to ensure that you always stay on the right side of the law by a wide margin, and use your tax haven within the rules and agreements that the UK government has with all places considered tax havens.

Offshore Registrations Quick and Easy

Many companies will give you an estimate as to when your company will be ready for offshore registrations, but if you want to be up and running as soon as possible, your best choice is probably a shelf company.  Work with the company to work out what you need to do to take over the shelf company and ensure that all directors (even if it’s just yourself) have their documentation available, to give you the chance to get through the easy to fill in forms all at once.  Once they’re complete, sit back and wait while your company is prepared, checked and transferred to you.  Once it’s transferred, you can ensure that everything is in order, before using the company.  But almost all offshore registrations are easy to complete.