Offshore Corporations

Offshore corporations are often used by companies to protect their brand name in another company – the cost of them is considered an investment to stop other companies gazumping or infringing on your copyright.  They are a critical element of Intellectual property protection and can provide you with support to prove that a company is yours.  Even big brand like Gmail lose court cases sometimes, so forming offshore corporations, while expensive, aren’t cost prohibitive to protect your hard work.

Trademarks for Offshore Corporations

Ensuring that your trademark, intellectual property and other elements of your business are protected is a vital aspect for any company director.  Showing due diligence and ensuring that your company is protected, and has its name registered at all of the main registrars will create a favourable basis to defend against spurious use of your name, logo or other intellectual property.  There are some con artists out there that specifically prey on sites they believe they can clone, stealing ideas and concepts to use for their own aims – as well as the accidental convergence of ideas from other people.  While your company is unique, other people may, eventually come up with the idea.  Using offshore corporations to protect your investment is often not only a savvy business move, but a very intelligent one

What you need to know for Offshore Corporations

Defence against trademark cases can be difficult – you’ve got to be able to prove without a shadow of doubt that the person infringing on your copyright is doing so deliberately and, crucially, that you’ve done everything to defend your company.  Trademarks can be removed, or invalidated by not protecting them adequately – even the use of a name can dilute trademark and intellectual property enough that they might not be awarded, or be removed after a period of time, allowing anyone to capitalise on your hard work.  Don’t get caught out – use an offshore formations system today for offshore corporations.