Offshore Company – A Guide to Tax Benefits and Anonymity

An Offshore company is a great way for any business to make substantial tax savings whilst maintaining a good level of confidentiality. For most businesses in the UK, taxes are a major expense which will erode away at hard earned profit’s that a company will make

Tax Reductions For An Offshore Company

Tax in the UK is amongst the highest in the world for businesses.  This is why one of the main reasons UK residents choose to register an offshore company is for tax relief.  Offshore companies will typically enjoy reduced tax bills.

There are many benefits for an offshore company. The main reasons why a business will form an offshore company are that overseas jurisdictions will offer a range of taxation levels. Another benefit is the creation of offshore entities to increase privacy in addition to having complex and detailed legislation protecting their investors’ assets. 

For any offshore company, different jurisdictions will offer different tax havens and levels of taxation. Offshore formation 247 has a professional team, with in-depth knowledge of each jurisdiction and has been successfully helping customers create and manage offshore companies for over 25 years. Because an offshore jurisdiction has zero tax, it does not necessarily mean that this location will provide you with the best benefits. There may be other offshore financial centres that can offer different benefits that are more appropriate for you. Our consultants at offshore formations 247 have completed the offshore formation of 1000’s of companies and have detailed knowledge of each jurisdiction.

Another major benefit of forming an offshore company is Asset protection. Because of the strong privacy legislation in place in many of these offshore financial centres, it is not possible for a third party to gain access to information about offshore accounts, investments or trusts.

Anonymity For Offshore Companies

Another key benefit of registering an offshore company is confidentiality.  You will not have to list yourself as a director or shareholder and instead you can use third party names.  This will enable you to operate anonymously in the market and protect your business advantage.  Protecting your anonymity when setting up and investing in new companies can be a useful tactic to help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Offshore Company Legislation

Offshore company incorporation is a fairly simple process; however, each jurisdiction has different rules and regulations when it comes to registering a company offshore. Here at Offshore Formations 247, we are an experienced company formation agent who keeps abreast of all of the latest business regulations in some of the most popular offshore destinations across the globe. We can take care of all of your paperwork and ensure that your offshore company is incorporated as soon as possible.

Once your offshore company is complete, we can then help you with ongoing administrative tasks which will help you to run your offshore company day to day with ease. Other services that we provide include Accountancy Services, Registered Office and Mail Forwarding, Nominee Services, Full Secretarial Service, Ready Made and Aged Companies and Post Incorporation Matters.

If you have any questions regarding offshore company incorporation and you would like to know a little more about the process, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our staff are friendly, knowledgeable and efficient and they are always happy to help businesses who are thinking of forming a company offshore.

Expert Advice for Setting Up an Offshore Company

OffshoreFormations24.7 provides knowledgeable and experienced service for setting up an offshore company.  Our specialist advisors can help you with your offshore company  set up now on 0808 168 3676.