Offshore Company Registration

Working with a team of experts, you can form a company offshore with offshore company registration. This process, in conjunction with anti-terrorism, anti-money laundering and anti-tax evasion laws is a relatively simple process if you have all of your paperwork and supporting documentation ready. You will need to prove both identity and residence during this process for all of your directors and those present at incorporation. Anyone with an investment in the business may also be required to provide information to ensure that they are in compliance with all local and international rules governing offshore company registration.

The process for Offshore Company Registration

The process is much like registering a company in the UK – you will have to follow a prompted form that allows you to do everything from choose the name of your company to create the necessary documentation to prove that you own an offshore company.  This documentation can be used to open a bank account in that offshore location, but in almost all cases, offshore company registration does not entitle you to trade in that jurisdiction and instead gives you no rights other than the basic ‘shell’ corporation ones.  It does however, allow you to protect your company name in that country, and hold it so others can use it.

Completion of Offshore Company Registration

In many cases, the protection of intellectual property is enough to justify the cost, but you should always consult with your advisors and ensure that your choice is an appropriate one. On completion of the offshore company registration process, you will be given a timeframe to expect your documentation to be completed and ready in many cases this is a business day, or perhaps more, depending on the filing rights and other complications that filing to another country can create. Once you have your business however, you can take whatever steps you need to use it the way you intend.

Why Should You Buy Offshore Company Registration?

If you are a UK resident, it is true that setting up a limited company here is a very simple process, so many people wonder why they should bother with an offshore company registration. The reason why it is prudent to buy offshore company registration is actually a pretty simple one: to avoid the rules, regulations and large tax bills which come with being a UK limited company.

When you are a new start up company, you do not want to be hit with lots of massive taxes and expenses and you may wish to run your business in w way which is not suitable on regards to British business legislation. By buying an offshore company registration, you are much more likely to have the freedom you need to make a success of your business, with only a fraction of the costs you would otherwise have as a UK company.

What Is An Offshore Company?

A company can be considered an offshore company when it is set up in a jurisdiction which is known for having little or no corporate taxes for companies registered there but who operate in a different area.

The Benefits Of Offshore Company Registration

The UK is known for having much higher taxes than a lot of the world. This means that running a UK registered business is not always the most profitable way to go about things. By registering offshore, you can dramatically slash the number of taxes you have to pay.

Another benefit of offshore company registration with Offshore Formations 247, is that in most jurisdictions, you do not need to name the company’s shareholders and directors, something which you must do in the UK. So, you can run your business with much more privacy if you buy an offshore company registration.

How Can We Help You?

Offshore Formations 247 are an expert company formation agents with many years of experience behind us. We can assist you should you choose to buy an offshore company registration in any of the many jurisdictions we cover, including the British Virgin Islands and the Seychelles.