Offshore Company Incorporation

There are many reasons to incorporate your company offshore – maybe you want a different base of operations, or perhaps you’re looking for a way to ensure that your company can operate and accept payments in multiple places.  Whatever the reason offshore company incorporation is the way you need to go – depending on where you incorporate, you’ll need to look at whether you’re incorporating in one location or another, and whether the group you’re using can do so.We offer offshore company incorporation in multiple jurisdictions, around the globe and can support your every need.

Offshore Company Incorporation – New company or ready formed

If you’re operating to a time constraint, ready formed companies often offer the best solution – they are available to buy there and then, and cost a varying amount, but most crucially, can be transferred to your business within one working day.  This is a critical consideration for most, as it means that you can work with an available company from day one.  If you’re looking to form your own company, in some cases, you can buy an off the shelf company and pay an extra fee to rename it – it’s not the easiest way to take on a company but it can lead to you getting what you need fast.

The process for Offshore Company Incorporation

If you want to form your company from scratch, the process is slightly more involved, but still relatively easy – the form will walk you through whatever you need to do to form your offshore company incorporation at this stage takes more than one business day – depending on the jurisdiction, you will be given a timeframe at the time of submission.  It’s critical that you ensure that your legal and financial advisors are aware of this move – even if you’re incorporating your company to protect your name in that country, or creating a dormant shell for another purpose, you should always declare its existence in appropriate forms.