Additional Services

We have a number of professional complimentary services available to order with our offshore formation packages:

Offshore Bank Accounts

Offshore formations 247 have close working relationships with a variety of banks in many international jurisdictions, specializing in the provision of international banking services for offshore companies.

Professional Director Services

Find out how the use of a Professional Director can offer you and your company additional privacy and confidentiality, as well as meet possible legal requirements within a specific jurisdiction.

Professional Shareholder

Professional shareholders are usually required by clients seeking legitimate confidentiality of ownership. Our service provides complete peace of mind that your assets are fully protected.

Mail Forwarding

Clients wishing to give the impression that they and their company are based in the UK, have a UK office or perhaps are constantly on the move can take advantage of our professional mail handling service.

Telephone Answering

Our cost effective Live Telephone Answering Service is the perfect solution to make sure you never miss that important call. Our professional staff answer the call in the name of your company and take detailed messages on your behalf. Messages are then forwarded to you immediately.

Transfer in service

Take advantage of our lowest available annual fees for all your existing companies as well as new incorporations. Often, these transfers can be done with no cost due to our wide network of relationships with service providers across the globe. If you have a portfolio of companies, simplify your administration by using one, cost effective, professional agent.

Offshore Trusts

Find out how the use of a trust, often in conjunction with an offshore company, can give added benefits to the long term safeguarding and protection of your assets.

Shareholders Agreement

If your company has more that one shareholder we recommend that you have a shareholders agreement.

Start-up Website

We set up your start-up website, domain and hosting.