Delaware Company Incorporation

Delaware may not be the conventional location for an offshore company, but that does not mean that it is not an ideal place to start an LLC or IBC. You just have to assess the benefits of having a company here and determine if it is the right location for your business. You may find over time that this is the best place for you to keep your assets and protect your company information from the public and the government. Here are some of the benefits to working through a Delaware company incorporation that you can take into consideration.

Benefits of a Delaware Company Incorporation

You are allowed to change your domicile with a Delaware company incorporation, so you can move to another jurisdiction if you need to. The process of the actual incorporation does not take long at all as most companies are formed within one or two days. Like with most offshore locations, you could also look into shelf companies that are already formed to get your business even faster. The prices for incorporation in Delaware are highly affordable, especially if you look into getting a shelf company. You will be able to have your LLC in no time and save a little money doing it along the way.

What you need to know about Delaware Company Incorporation

Your privacy is a guarantee when you get Delaware company incorporation. That is because you do not have to disclose information about the Beneficial Owner. That allows you to keep assets in your company name that are not tied to your name at all. This privacy is perfect for any lawsuits that may happen because your assets will not be traceable. You also do not have to worry about auditing when you work through Delaware, which keeps you protected in many other ways. This could be the perfect location for your LLC or IBC.

Tips on Delaware Company Incorporation

You do not have to have local shareholders or directors. They can be of any nationality. If your company consists fully of non-residents, you do not have to pay taxes after the Delaware company incorporation. If you have a corporation, you may be required to file government tax by the first of March every year, and you will need to pay your taxes in full before June 1st whenever renewals are scheduled. This is regardless of when the company was incorporated. Keeping all of this in mind will give you a chance to see if you want to incorporate in Delaware or not.