Companies Offshore

There are many reasons to set your companies up offshore.  If your companies offshore project is grinding to a halt because it’s mired in paperwork, perhaps these tips will help you.Remember that not all jurisdictions are created equal. Depending on where your companies offshore project is taking place will depend on the benefits that it confers – while many people believe forming companies offshore makes them immune to tax laws where they are based, it depends on how your jurisdiction handles those laws – there may be clauses that still create problems for you.  For example, while many UK authors can have an offshore company and account in the US, they are often subject to tax withholding until they provide the relevant forms to show that they are part of a company that has a ‘tax treaty’ with the US, making them immune to US tax, but fully subject to UK tax.  This complex engagement of tax law can create many confusing situations, so it’s critical at all times to ensure that any advice you take is correct for both the jurisdiction you live or operate in, and the jurisdiction of your companies offshore.

Complex benefits of Companies Offshore

Many people don’t realise, but having companies offshore can actually be an asset in some cases – while many jurisdictions won’t allow you to trade as companies offshore, they can have a bank account in that jurisdiction, and hold meetings there.  If the majority of your business associates are based near the jurisdiction in question, or can meet there, then this could be of major advantage to you and your company.  Or if having a certain type of bank account is pre-requisite to your trading, that may be the solution.  Be aware however that forming companies offshore is not without its risks, and that you need to constantly be aware of the work that you can and can’t undertake in the company name.

Setting Up Companies Offshore

It is becoming more and more common for savvy business people to set up their companies online. There are many different reasons why they should do so, however, the main reason that people choose to set up companies offshore is usually for the tax relief that comes with an offshore company rather than a UK registered one. Tax in the UK is extremely high and many businesses struggle with such huge costs. By registering their companies offshore, they are able to pay little or no taxes and this helps them to grow and expand their businesses at a rate which would otherwise be impossible.

Privacy and Freedom

Another major reason that Offshore Formations 247 clients have for buying companies offshore with us is that offshore companies tend to offer a lot more privacy to a business, its shareholders and directors.

Business legislation in all of the major offshore company jurisdictions also offers much more freedom than UK legislation too. There is a lot less red tape to go through with companies which are set up offshore and this is one of the biggest reasons for dealing with offshore companies rather than UK registered ones.

Registering Companies Offshore

Setting up and registering offshore companies is a pretty simple process. You are not required to reside in the jurisdiction you choose for your offshore companies as most of these jurisdictions welcome outside corporations who are looking to be incorporated there. Many even have special free trade zones for this purpose.

If you choose to register your offshore companies through Offshore Formations 247. You will receive a comprehensive service which will ensure that your companies offshore are set up with as little fuss as possible and in full accordance with all of the rules and regulations of that jurisdiction.

It does not matter how simple or how complex your requirements are, our dedicated staff will guide you through the process of registering offshore companies. Once your company is registered, we even offer you the option of using our services to help you deal with the day to day running of offshore companies.

The Tax Benefits Of Offshore Companies

By choosing to set up offshore companies, rather than companies which are registered in the UK, you can actually save a massive amount in the form of taxation. You see, the UK has a very high corporate tax rate whereas, many offshore jurisdictions require little or no corporation tax from offshore companies who have been incorporated in their jurisdiction. These are known as tax havens and more and more business people in the UK are choosing to run their business through offshore companies to take advantage of these great tax rates.

International Business Company

When you use Offshore Formations 247 to register your business in a foreign jurisdiction, you are setting up what is known as an International Business Company or IBC. They are also commonly referred to as offshore companies. These are companies which are incorporated in a tax haven but which trade across the globe with, in most cases, the exception of the jurisdiction they are founded in. You see, most offshore companies cannot trade in the jurisdiction they were registered in or, they will be liable for tax on any income they make in that region. However, they are not subject to taxes for any other area of the globe.

Can Anyone Set Up Offshore Companies?

Yes, in most cases it is possible for anyone to set up offshore companies in the jurisdiction of their choice. This is possible because tax havens do not require you to be any nationality in particular to set up a company in their jurisdiction. They usually do not require disclosure of directors and shareholders either.

Registering Offshore Companies With Us?

It is our mission to carry out the registration of offshore companies as quickly as possible for our clients. In many jurisdictions it is possible to incorporate a company in less than 24 hours and where this is possible, we endeavour to do so.

We maintain strong links with agents I several of our jurisdictions so we are able to move quickly when directed by our clients. All of our staff are fully up to date with all of the latest business legislation in each jurisdiction we cover too.