Offshore Company Formation – Reasons to Form an Offshore Company

There are many reasons and benefits why an individuals or businesses choose an offshore company formation. 

International Trading

Another benefit of offshore company Formation is for import/export operations allowing the offshore company to deal with the suppliers and customers directly. Any goods will be dispatched from the manufacturer or place of purchase. The advantage here is that profits arising on the difference between purchase and sales price will remain offshore and will be tax free.

Ownership of real property and land

An offshore company formation can also be used as a holding company to avoid capital gains tax, inheritance tax and ease of the property transfer. 

For Professional Services

Businesses or individuals who provide professional services can sign an agreement with an offshore company to receive their remuneration fees. The employment agency can reinvest, on the clients behalf, the profits in a tax efficient way. Payments to individuals can also be arranged to minimize their tax.

Personal Investment

Offshore companies can used to hold individual shares, stocks, bonds, and cash. Having a personal holding company will ensure that you will get a better return on your investment  One major benefit is that there is no income tax on interest earned or capital gains tax to pay on the disposal of an investment in the country of the offshore company.

Protecting Your Assets

The advantage of buying and holding assets through an offshore IBC or LLC can also act as a protection for personal assets against unwanted creditors , possible litigation or former spouses.

For E-commerce Businesses

Many businesses find that an offshore company formation can allow their organisation to be more price competitive as no VAT or sales tax will be imposed on customers. And profits will also be tax free (no corporation/income taxes).

Company Formation Experts

If you are going to get involved in forming a company offshore then you do need to make sure you have the right advice and support in place. When you are seeking an offshore company formation, it can often be difficult to find a company who can act quickly on your behalf.  Here at Offshore Formations 247, we specialize in forming companies offshore and this means that we can act quickly to get your offshore company registered as soon as possible. Different jurisdictions take different amounts of time for offshore company formation to become official but we will work to ensure that your company is incorporated as quickly as possible within the timeframe of the jurisdiction you have chosen for your offshore company formation.


As an Offshore company formation agent we can provide invaluable information and experience when it comes to choosing the right jurisdiction for your new company.  Some countries may offer procedures and benefits that are more suitable for your individual business requirements.  Many jurisdictions offer fast-track business registration which can be advantageous if you want to complete your offshore company formation quickly and get your business up and running as soon as possible.

Banking and Support

When choosing an offshore company formation for your business, you not only need to register your company in your chosen jurisdiction but you also need to think about setting up offshore bank accounts and the ongoing administration you will need to complete in order to successfully run your offshore company.

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