Our Price Match Promise to You

Our Price Match Promise is simple. We will match or beat our competitors’ prices – guaranteed.

OffshoreFormations247.com aims to provide company incorporation services in the most jurisdictions on the Internet at the lowest internet prices. To keep us on our toes, and our competitors on the back foot we offer the Offshore Formations 247 Price Match Promise. It’s your guarantee that you’re always paying the very best price.

Simply put, we’ll refund the difference if you find the same product or service cheaper on any other UK website within 72 hours of your purchase. Promise !

How To Claim

To request a price match refund, just email info@offshoreformations247.com including: the name of the website where the product / service is cheaper, a screenshot of the cheaper offer (including the date and time visited), the cost of the cheaper product / service, your name, email address and contact telephone number along with details of your order with us. We will review the details and reply to you via email..

Please note that to avoid potential abuse and to enable us to honour our price match promise to genuine customers, the acceptance of any price match request is ultimately at the discretion of Xephyr Limited T/as OffshoreFormations247.com. We will at all times act reasonably and in good faith.

The Small Print

Our price match promise applies to services provided by company formation agents anywhere throughout the UK, but does not apply to local agents within a specific jurisdiction.

  • To price-match, we must be satisfied that the products / services in question are identical
  • Prices are compared excluding delivery / courier charges. Our price-match promise does not apply to delivery / courier charges
  • Prices are compared excluding Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • We do not price-match with special offers, promotions, discount vouchers and/or product-bundle pricing
  • Price match is only offered on incorporation packages and does not include bank accounts, nominee services, mail forwarding or telephone answering services.
  • Any decision whether or not to price-match is at the discretion of Xephyr Limited T/as OffshoreFormations247.com. We reserve the right to refuse any price-match request and under no circumstances do we have a legal obligation to price-match
  • Our price-match promise may be subject to change without notice at any time